Startup Welcome Service

The “Startup Welcome Service” provides the necessary support to assist foreign entrepreneurs in obtaining the essential residency status to establish their business in Japan, as well as the various administrative procedures required to set up a legal entity.

Shibuya City Office grants a special residence status for up to one year to foreign entrepreneurs as a part of its support for the startups. It is commonly known as a “Startup Visa” and allows foreign nationals to enter and stay in Japan to prepare for their business startup.

Also, we will assist you with the necessary administrative procedures for setting up a business.

Startup Visa

As a part of its initiative to support startups, Shibuya City Office grants eligible foreign entrepreneurs "Startup Visa," special residency status for up to 1 year for preparation. It is designed for foreign nationals preparing to establish a business in Shibuya.

We can also assist with other necessary administrative procedures for setting up a legal entity and starting a business. This service is also available to those already in Japan with a Engineer/Specialist in humanities/International services.

After the Startup visa expires, this visa must be renewed to Business Management Visa.
To get Business Management Visa, foreign entrepreneurs are required to
1) rent a dedicated office space (physical; co-working space not allowed)
2) hire at least two full-time employees or have capital exceeding five mlillion yen


Foreigners (those already in Japan and coming to Japan) who want to start a business in Shibuya City meeting certain conditions are eligible.

The eligibles must be planning or engaged with a project with the potential to strengthen the international competitiveness of Shibuya City's industries and expand employment, and that applies to the following sectors:

1. Health, medical, and welfare-related industries
2. Environmental and energy-related industries
3. Food, agriculture, forestry, and fisheries-related industries
4. Information-related industries
5. Culture and arts-related industries
6. Fashion related industries

In addition, the eligibles must have their own products or services (technical support or services that rely on other companies' products not applicable), and their business is expected to scale.


To apply for a "Startup Visa," please first contact us through "CONTACT US" form on this website. Make sure to select "about startup visa" from "Inquiry type." The SWS Team will support you throughout the process.
There are several required documents in order to complete your application. Please visit Shibuya City Office's "Startup Visa" page for the detailed information about these documents:

  • Passport
  • Housing Contract
  • Application
  • Business Plan
  • Financial Forecast
  • Bank Statement
  • Resume / CV
  • Diploma / Graduation Certificate

Administrative procedure

We work with our partners to find the office and residential space, and we can also help you open a bank account. In other words, we kickstart startups to establish their business by facilitating one of the highest hurdles for them: leasing real estate and opening a bank account.

Co-working space

There are over 90 co-working spaces in and around Shibuya. Five of these spaces have bilingual community managers, so there is an environment where foreigners can start a business with peace of mind.
Shibuya City has also formed a partnership with WeWork, one of the largest membership co-working spaces globally, to develop a startup-friendly city.