A number of projects chosen for Shibuya City’s “Innovation for New Normal from Shibuya” public-private partnership open innovation program participated in the “NEW NORMAL LAB Shibuya” demonstration event held on March 2, 2021, sponsored by the METI.

Many residents and businesses in Shibuya City are going through a difficult time accepting the numerous restrictions associated with the spread of the novel coronavirus and the so-called “new normal” lifestyle. In response to this, Shibuya City has been working under the slogan, “Innovation for New Normal from Shibuya.” As previously featured in a TOPICS article, Shibuya City Office accepts applications from startups, universities, and research institutes for technologies and solutions that can turn this difficult situation into opportunities and advance society. Shibuya City Office selected twelve projects in the first call for proposals held last June (2020).

Since then, preparation for the PoC has been underway with our partners (some have already been done). On March 2, 2021, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) organized “NEW NORMAL LAB Shibuya,” an open innovation demonstration event in which the entire Shibuya City was treated as one big laboratory. We are pleased to announce several of our selected twelve projects had an opportunity to participate in this event.

The following are the projects that participated in NEW NORMAL LAB Shibuya with the support of partners and facilities in Shibuya City (in parentheses).

  1. Luup, Inc.: Electric kickboard sharing service (WeWork Iceberg)
  2. Vacan, Inc.: Displays the availability of Shibuya City Office restrooms on smartphones and tablets (Shibuya City Office / SHIBU HACHI BOX)
  3. AWL, inc.: AI-powered thermal camera that enables advanced body temperature detection, even over masks and with multiple people (Shibuya Hikarie / Plug and Play Shibuya)
  4. Timeleap, Inc.: Remote service platform “RURA” that enables face-to-face customer service across multiple stores (Plug and Play Shibuya)
  5. Tokyu Corporation: Exhibition of “Satellite Biz Liner,” a WiFi-equipped commuter bus that connects the Den-en-toshi Line suburban area with Shibuya Station and Tokyo Station. It can also be used as a moving shared office (Shibuya Fukuras 1F bus terminal)
  6. Donuts Co. Ltd.: Introducing the SAVE LIVEHOUSE PROJECT on the digital signage along with the actual live streaming (Shibuya Fukuras outdoor vision)
  7. SEQSENSE Inc.: Demonstration of the autonomous security robot (Plug and Play Shibuya)
  8. ChiCaRo: ChiCaRo, a childcare support robot in use at an actual nursery school (Shibuya Hikawa Nursery School).
  9. WFrontier Inc.: Introducing the “twidy” shopping service (Life Shibuya Higashi Store)
  10. PLANTIO, Inc.: IoT planter that visualizes optimal watering timing and germination timing (Plug and Play Shibuya)
  11. WOTA CORP.: “WOSH,” a hand-washing stand that can be placed where there’s no water supply (Miyashita Park, Shibuya Ward)

I am pleased that the startup projects that came forward in support of Shibuya City’s forward-looking initiatives have steadily advanced to the stage of social implementation and have had the opportunity to be seen by people who work or live in this city.

The “Innovation for New Normal from Shibuya,” a public-private open innovation project, is still accepting applications for participation. If you have an idea or solution to create a better society and would like to participate in this initiative, please send your application from the “Entry” section of the official page of Innovation for New Normal from Shibuya (you need to register before submitting your application).

As of March 2021, we are looking for the following solutions, especially in the fields of welfare and environmental policy:

・ Services that can improve and ensure the health, safety, and security of the elderly through the use of smartphones
・ Services that make the elderlies who do not use smartphones want to use them every day

Environmental policy
・ Establishment and operation of a system in which residents and businesses in the neighborhood can instantly and effectively utilize renewable energy stored in batteries and other devices
・ Technologies and solutions for the realization of a decarbonized society with renewable energy at its core
・ Surveys of wildlife habitats and their methods for the conservation of biodiversity

If you have any issue applying for this call (for example, the entire process is expected to be in Japanese), please contact us at Shibuya Startup Support via the CONTACT US form (select “about PoC with Shibuya City” from “Inquiry type”). The Startup Welcome Service and Shibuya City will provide full support.

Electrical kickboard rental service “LUUP”
“AWL” and “RURA” at work
Face-to-face customer service “RURA” can be shared across multiple locations
IoT planter “PLANTIO” showcased