Shibuya City Office Partners With YOUTRUST’s Career SNS To Recruit “Side-Job Worker(s)” To Support Its Startup Support Initiative (Deadline: February 28, 2021)

In recent years, more and more companies in Japan have lifted the ban on side jobs. It allows employers to utilize the expertise and abilities of a diverse range of people as immediate assets in the form of “side jobs” with the flexible matching of working hours, work locations, and other conditions. In response to this, Shibuya Ward has started recruiting “side-job worker(s)” to borrow the hands of those already active in the private sector.

The new hire(s) will support various startup support projects that Shibuya City is promoting, including this Shibuya Startup Support site. Specifically, the assignment will include fostering the startup community, inbound promotion of foreign startups, promoting domestic startups to overseas markets, and executing startup PoCs (proof of concept).

This recruitment process is proceeded through the “Career SNS” by YOUTRUST Co. The Career SNS is a social network that allows companies and individuals to connect within a trusted community of “friends” or “friends of friends” on Facebook to those who seek opportunities for side jobs and career changes. YOUTRUST is currently using this platform to offer people the chance to work with celebrities and major companies. Therefore, a Facebook account is required to apply, but no resume or CV is required. Instead, we will consider your YOUTRUST profile information.

YOUTRUST is currently running the “Sugoi Fukugyo (Awesome Side Job)” project that uses its platform to provide opportunities to work with celebrities or at major companies. Shibuya City Office’s first-ever attempt to recruit side-job workers(s) was made possible by YOUTRUST’s backing of our initiatives for a diverse workforce.

Under the slogan of “A city where differences transform into power,” Shibuya City Office works to create a society together with diverse people to make their individual dreams come true. With the help from the side-job worker(s), we expect that flexible thinking and innovative ideas that are not bound by conventional frameworks will further advance our efforts.

Recruitment Details
In principle, remote-work basis. Anyone living in Japan, regardless of the region, can apply.
Period: February 5, 2021, to February 28, 2021
Job Description: There are four main tasks as follows.
1. Management of the startup community for the Shibuya City Office’s startup support initiative
2. Inbound promotion of foreign startups (working with startup accelerators overseas)
3. Outbound promotion of the Japanese startups
4. Management of startup PoCs (Proof of Concept)
Work hours: To be determined on a case-by-case basis
Work location: In principle, remote work. Commuting to the office is not required.
Type of employment: Not as full-time employment. Specifics will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
Compensation: To be determined on a case-by-case basis.
Application URL (Register with your Facebook account):