Call for Startups With New Ideas or Solutions To Innovate From the New Public-Private Open Innovation Base “Shibuya Inclusion Base jinnan” (April through August 2021)

We introduced the public-private consortium Shibuya Startup Deck (a.k.a. Shibudeck) in our recent TOPICS. Today, we are pleased to announce that the Shibuya City Office and five of the members of the Shibudeck (“Joint Management”) have established “Shibuya Inclusion Base jinnan,” a new open innovation base that promotes the public-private partnership. The Shibudeck members participating in the Joint Management are Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Company, Ltd., NTT DoCoMo, Inc., Compasso Certified Public Tax Accountants, TSUKURUBA Inc. The base will be operational from April 1, 2021.

Open innovation is a methodology that combines diverse knowledge and expertise through participation from different industries and fields to foster innovation, such as new businesses, solutions, and social implementation. By sharing this new open innovation base as a satellite office between startups, staff from private companies with various backgrounds, and personnel from Shibuya City Office, we aim to create new businesses through informal daily communication.

To launch this project, we invite startup companies with new ideas and solutions to move into this base and work together to create innovation. The selected companies will receive support from Joint Management and Shibuya City Office within arm’s length of each other with the right to use the Shibuya Inclusion Base jinnan free of charge for six months from April 1, 2021 (up to three people per company).

This base is a redefinition of “co-ba jinnan,” a membership-based shared office operated by TSUKURUBA Inc.., a Joint Management member, as a home for innovation through public-private collaboration. It is in a convenient location with just a 5-minute walk from Shibuya Station.

Remote work is now the norm for agile startups, and there are more and more cases where they don’t even have an office. However, for diverse talents to align and work to solve a problem, it is beneficial to share the same space. Shibuya City Office and Shibudeck aim to foster a startup ecosystem by creating a community with mutual aid and a startup-friendly environment. This base is an essential step toward achieving this goal.

Application requirements and selection conditions:
1. Companies that have solutions or ideas in the following areas related to the Shibuya City Office’s core visions
 ・Childcare and education
 ・Sports, health
 ・Disaster prevention, environment
 ・Community design
 ・Culture and entertainment
 ・Industrial Promotion (Business Support)
2. Companies that fit the concept of a “startup” as envisioned by the Shibuya Startup Deck with the potential to grow further in the future
3. Companies that agree with the purpose of the open innovation base and are willing to take advantage of it. Such companies are:
 ・Open to business synergy and collaboration through the cross-industrial exchange
 ・Ready to use the base as a community space rather than a workspace
 ・Prepared to actively, rather than passively, communicate with other companies
4. Businesses that are unique and contribute to solving social issues

Application period and method of application:
Application period: February 25, 2021 – March 12, 2021
How to apply: On the “CONTACT US” form, please select “Other” from the “Inquiry Type” and indicate in the body of the message that you are applying for the Shibuya Inclusion Base jinnan.
You will be asked to submit a proposal in due course. The proposal can be in any format, but the following items are required.
・Company name
・Year of establishment
・Number of employees
・Name of representative
・Contact person’s name and contact information (phone, email)
・Project summary (what you want to do in Shibuya)
・Reference materials (PowerPoint/PDF, etc.)

Selection flow:
1st screening (document review) –> 2nd screening (pitch) –> Final decision

Privileges for selected companies:
・Move into Shibuya Inclusion Base jinnan (April through August 2021)
・Support from the Joint Management (support includes each company’s expertise and network)
・Support for PoC projects in Shibuya

Office Details:
Name: Shibuya Inclusion Base jinnan
Location: Daiichishimizu Building 3F, 1-20-2 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Office Space: 147 sq. meter
Primary use:
・Collaboration and new business creation between Joint Management members across various industries
・New business development through collaboration between startups and Joint Management members
・Collaboration between startup companies