Shibuya City Office Launches “Startup Visas” for Foreign Startups, Along With the “Startup Welcome Service,” a One-Stop-Shop Support Service

Shibuya City Office has started issuing startup visas (up to one year) to foreigners who wish to start their own businesses, allowing them to enter and stay in Japan for preparatory activities. Shibuya City Office is the first in Tokyo to do so. The entry of foreign startups into the Japanese market will help us move forward to a society where diverse people can achieve their own aspirations. We hope that startups who aspire to start their businesses in Japan will take this opportunity and choose Shibuya City as a place to start.

In line with this, the “Startup Welcome Service (SWS)” for overseas startups introduced in the TOPICS (September 2020) will also begin its activities. The director of SWS will be Miho Tanaka. She is an expert on overseas startup support and the founder of Startup Work Inc. She and her team will provide hands-on support to foreigners who want to start a business and need help in applying for a startup visa or opening a corporate account. Please feel free to contact the team using the “CONTACT US” form.

Japan is the third-largest economy in the world after the U.S. and China, and with a population of 126 million, it is a market full of opportunities for foreign startups. Life in Japan is fun and safe, the people are friendly and helpful, and it is a great place to live and work. Shibuya City is waiting for you!
For more information on the specific startup visa application process, please see the “Startup Visa” section of the SWS page.