Event Reports: City-Tech Tokyo and Extra Day

City-Tech Tokyo

February 27-28 saw the reopening of City-Tech Tokyo, the city’s premier tech event. Shibuya Startup Support (SSS) staff were in attendance, alongside our Startup Visa holders. This event was the first global startup conference held in Tokyo after the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, and although expectations were high it did not disappoint! The theme for the event was how to realize a sustainable society through open innovation with startups.

Photo: Shibuya City

City-Tech Tokyo attracted 25,000 attendees, both on- and off-line. A diverse group of founders, startups, investors, and ecosystem builders from around the world visited to learn from each other and showcase their projects, including the following visa holders from SSS:

  • ekei labs: Provides Japan’s first body age measurement kit and lifestyle analysis platform.
  • Mona: Social media for foodies, allowing even ordinary people to become influencers.
  • Scurid: Builds a platform where each device can generate proof of identity and prove its legitimacy with distributed ledger technology (e.g. Bitcoin).
  • Ringi: Develops dating applications (conversation aids, date suggestions, etc.) with the help of AI.
  • SolarDuck: Generates solar power on the water, allowing for easy scaling up or production expansion.
Photo: Shibuya City

Extra Day in Shibuya

The day after City-Tech Tokyo saw Shibuya play host to Extra Day in Shibuya (EDS). As a hub of culture and innovation, Shibuya is the perfect location to organize an event by startups, for startups. SSS was — naturally! — in attendance, to hold our “Super Brunch” and “Scramble Sessions” events.

Super Brunch caused quite a stir when the mayor of Shibuya City made a surprise visit to pledge their continued commitment to growing Shibuya into a global startup hotspot, stating, “Shibuya will continue to welcome innovative founders and startups from across the globe.” The Scramble Sessions included talks on scaling startups globally by Stripe and Deel, a talk by Astar, and a Startup Game Night by JVA.

Photo: Shibuya City

SSS will continue to organize events in collaboration with startups and communities in Shibuya. If you are interested in collaborating with SSS or our programs, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and follow us on social media to keep up-to-date on upcoming events!

More information on Shibuya’s Startup Visa program: