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Shibuya Startup Support is an initiative by the Shibuya City Office to support international founders on their startup journey here in Japan.

Shibuya Startup Supportは、東京都渋谷区役所が中心になって国内外のスタートアップビジネスの立ち上げや成長をサポートするために行っている取り組みです。

Shibuya Startup Support

We are SHIBUYA STARTUP SUPPORT, an initiative led by the Shibuya City Office to invite your startup business (whether in Japan or from abroad) to Shibuya to grow with us. Think of us as a concierge to help you establish and expand your business in Shibuya as smoothly as possible.
Through this page we provide you with up-to-the-minute resources, access to face-to-face advice, and the opportunity to connect you to local business opportunities.

私たち「Shibuya Startup Support」は、渋谷区が中心となって、国内外のスタートアップビジネスを渋谷に招き、渋谷という街で一緒に成長していこうという取り組みです。渋谷でのビジネスの立ち上げや成長をサポートするコンシェルジュだと思ってください。私たちは、アドバイスやリソースへのアクセスをご提供しています。

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  • Yoshiro Tasaka

    Yoshiro Tasaka

    田坂 克郎


    Yoshiro joined Shibuya City Office in January 2020 to take charge of internationalizing Shibuya City by building a startup ecosystem.

    He worked for the Consulate-General of Japan in San Francisco for eight and a half years, involving himself in numerous activities in the Bay Area, such as setting up non-profit organizations. Upon returning to Japan in 2016, he worked as a board member of a startup in Tohoku and then joined Komatsu Ltd. He also served as Vice President of Landlog, a venture company established by Komatsu.

    Yoshiro is committed to developing Shibuya into a startup ecosystem to rival Silicon Valley, using the skills he acquired overseas and his work experience at both major corporations and startups.


  • Gai Sato

    Gai Sato


    Gai joined the Shibuya City Office in 2017. After working as a revenue collector, he was tasked as an industrial promotion section chief in April 2020 and is now also in charge of international strategy promotion.

    Hailing from a family tradition of public service, his recent success includes sealing agreements with WeWork and Yokohama City. A leading GenZ figure to take charge of Shibuya City of the future.


  • Tsutomu Nakaya

    Tsutomu Nakaya


    Tsutomu has represented Shibuya City’s interests since 2015, first at the Board of Education and then at the Cabinet Office. He has taken part in international affairs in the fields of Science, Technology, and Innovation, coordinating bilateral and multilateral cooperation and ministerial meetings.

    In 2018, he visited Estonia as a delegate from the Shibuya City Office, where he experienced the cutting edge of a modern, digital nation. Since 2021 he has been a member of the Global Core Cities Promotion Office, where he leverages his international business and government experience to help build Shibuya’s startup ecosystem.


  • Saeko Seno

    Saeko Seno


    Saeko joined the Shibuya City Office's Global Core Cities Promotion Office in April 2021 as the department’s 2iC. Before that, she worked in various fields in the municipal government including public relations, foreigner registration, senior welfare, human resources, and system operation.

    Fluency in both IT systems and English (unfortunately hard to come by in the halls of regional government!) marks her as a great communicator and an integral part of the Shibuya Startup Support team. She loves both Southern California and her dog.