Concierge for all budding entrepreneurs, provided by Shibuya City Office



Shibuya attracts people of all ages from all over the world for its diversity and dynamism. The city is Japan’s center for culture as we have been leading Japan’s art, music, and fashion scene. We are also the center of tech. It is the home of over 2,000 startups and over 100 office spaces for startups, all located within walking distance from the Shibuya Station.

We are “SHIBUYA STARTUP SUPPORT,” an initiative led by the Shibuya City Office to invite your startup business (whether in Japan or from abroad) to Shibuya and grow together in this city. Call us SSS for short, and think of us as a concierge who helps you establish and grow your business in Shibuya. Here, we provide you with face-to-face advice and resources. We can connect you to the local business opportunities too.

This website is an entry point to our concierge service and the place to share our activities and their results. Please read on to get to know us more and learn how we can help you. If you like it please make an action today. Contact us! (the message will be sent directly to one of our concierges)

There’s a real person behind this!


Shibuya City Office offers you the services that help start your business in Shibuya. With our corporate partners, we can offer the followings:


Smooth entry for foreign startups

Guide and assist you through the various application processes

Shibuya City Office will provide a “startup visa” for the startups from overseas. Please check our website regularly. We hope to provide a 1-year startup visa soon.

Also, we are preparing to set up a “market entry support” for foreign startups where you can ask for assistance. It’s coming soon as well.


We’ll Help You Settle

Support for office, housing and financing
We work with the partnering organizations/companies to find the office/residential space and help you get the bank loans. After the screening process, SHIBUYA STARTUP SUPPORT will guarantee a loan of your business to get real estate rent and bank loans all much smoother. This has been one of the highest hurdles for the startups.

We’ll Help Your Solution Put Into Use

We will support the social implementation of your business.
After the screening process, SHIBUYA STARTUP SUPPORT will promote/encourage your solution to be used in the projects led by Shibuya City Office. SSS will support you in this social implementation that helps put your solution to the real-world test and further promotes it.

We’ll Help You Join The Community

We’ll connect you to the diverse communities in Shibuya and the local businesses
SHIBUYA STARTUP SUPPORT is regularly holding an ideathon, joined by the people across industries in Shibuya, to solve the current issues we have. We welcome you to be a part of this diverse community here. We can also introduce your solution to local people and the stakeholders such as the office owners & store owners association. We help you develop a better service/product together with the local community.



Yoshiro Tasaka

Yoshiro Tasaka

Director of Global Strategy Division at Shibuya City Office since 2020. Previously a VP of Landlog, a construction tech venture. He has worked in Silicon Valley for over 12 years, including a position at the Consulate-General of Japan in San Francisco.


Yoichiro Suzuki

Yoichiro Suzuki

Yoichiro Suzuki has led the Shibuya Area Management, a cosortium of railway companies in Shibuya, to develop Shibuya station. He joined Shibuya City Office in 2020

Kayoko Tanigawa

Kayoko Tanigawa

Kayoko Tanigawa has worked for various Shibuya City office departments, including Welfare Department, Youth Care Department, and has worked as the Mayor's secretary. She owns administrative scrivener certificate.


Paul Bragiel


Paul Bragiel

Paul Bragiel is a three-time entrepreneur whose venture includes Bragiel Brothers, an early stage technology fund focusing on Silicon Valley. He's collectively invested in the seed rounds of over 250+ companies with holdings in other multi-billion dollar companies like Niantic (Pokemon Go), Stripe & Zappos.


Justin Waldron


Justin Waldron

Justin Waldron is co-founder / President of Playco, based in Tokyo. He’s an active angel investor in 60+ companies and previously co-founded Zynga, an unicorn company based in San Francisco.

Jonathan Siegel


Jonathan Siegel

Jonathan Siegel is a Founder of Xenon Partners based in Japan and Silicon Valley. Jonathan is the author of “The San Francisco Fallacy.” He has multiple degrees like MBA, Computer Science and others.

Ayumi Ode


Ayumi Ode

Special Advisor for Global Outreach. Ayumi Ode represents the Japan chapter of 500 Startups, one of the most active accelerators in the World. Ayumi has previously worked for two startups. She gained an MBA from Columbia University.

Naotake Hibiya


Naotake Hibiya

Special Advisor for Public Relations: Naotake has helped many startups through his experience of PR/Marketing. He leads many NPOs including Public Meets Innovations, Japan Public Relations Associations, Shibuya Connectors 30 and others

Naoko Yamanaka


Naoko Yamanaka

Special Advisor for Diversity and Community: Naoko is a founder of meetalk which supports female entrepreneurs and creators. She organized over 100 community projects as a member of Campfire, the largest crowdfunding platform in Japan.


The partners who share our visions

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