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  • 渋谷区の女性起業家支援プログラムについて

Shibuya City Women Entrepreneur Support Program


Shibuya City launched a program to support women entrepreneurs in 2022, with the mentoring component of the program — individual meetings between women entrepreneurs and VCs — starting this year. 

This program is not for pitching or fundraising, but for sharing ideas and networking in a free atmosphere. Primarily aimed at women entrepreneurs with innovative businesses, the program can also be used by those who are considering scaling up their businesses or looking for opportunities to meet with VCs.

Please feel free to join us!





(Photo: Tokyo Women in VC)

(写真:一般社団法人Tokyo Women in VC)

★Mentoring Program


Mentoring Day (online)


※Cancellations of appointments is frowned upon — please make sure you confirm your reservation.


:rotating_light:To English speakers :rotating_light:
We will try to match you with English-speaking VCs but cannot guarantee that all your slots can be conducted in English.


★Upcoming Events


(1) Study Session and Networking Event for Women Entrepreneurs

  • Date:  Mid-November 2023
  • Location:Location: TBD, to be held in the Shibuya area
  • Content: Study session for women entrepreneurs with experts (50 people)

(2) Networking event with ecosystem stakeholders

  • Date and time: February 2024 
  • Location: TBD, to be held in the vicinity of Shibuya 
  • Main Target: Wide open event for ecosystem players (150 people)




  • 申込サイト:


  • 日時:10/13(金), 11/10(金), 11/17(金), 12/1(金), 1/26(金) 各回16:00~16:20(1/26のみ16:20~16:40もあり。)
  • スタイル :2~3名のVCによる個別オンラインでメンタリング


  • 申込サイト(10/6までが優先登録期間となります。)


  • 日時:10/27(金)12:00~17:00(メンタリング時間は別途通知)
  • スタイル:1名のVCによる個別オンラインメンタリング








  • 日時:2023年11月中旬(@渋谷近辺を予定)
  • 内容:専門家を招いての女性起業家向け勉強会(50名規模)


  • 日時:2024年2月(@渋谷近辺を予定)
  • 主な対象者:エコシステム関係者も参加可能な公開イベント(150名規模) 
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