Shibuya Startup Visa Holder George Reed Awarded Recognition at a Pitch Event Hosted by The Nippon Foundation

social change makaes

One of the Shibuya Startup Visa holders was recently awarded the second prize at a pitch event in Tokyo by The Nippon Foundation, a non-profit philanthropic organization devoted to good deeds, including giving hands to young entrepreneurs.

The event, “SCM#5 LIVE PITCH NIGHT,” held on Feb. 25, 2022, made the climax of the fifth round of the foundation’s “Social Change Makers (SCM)” program, where it supported a group of founders hand-picked to brush up on their business plans through workshops and mentorship over four months. 

George Reed, the founder & CEO of Noetic Digital, a startup revolutionizing consumer research with a novel approach that combines crowdsourcing and AI, received the second prize among the twelve startup founders who presented for this pitch contest. He is also one of the earliest receivers of the Shibuya Startup Visa, with the support of the Shibuya Welcome Service (SWS).

Noetic Digital leverages AI and crowdsourcing to help businesses ask the right questions in consumer research to get actionable insights through its unique Ask-Analyze-Iterate cycle. It is essentially a consumer research SaaS platform powered by design thinking, Kaizen, or the lean-startup approach. As a result, it makes traditional multi-million dollar research projects that usually take weeks/months things of the past, making them more affordable and efficient; it only takes days or even hours to get the insights. 

The product combines a cloud-based platform and consultation service to help businesses refine and perfect their approach to any problem-solving, from advocacy and PR messaging to product innovation related to sustainability, public health, or whichever topic businesses are trying to address. Learn more about the product at Noetic Digital’s website.