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  • アクセラレータープログラム「LEAP OVER」主催の月例ピッチイベント「7minutes」にSSSメンバーの中屋が参加

SSS Member Nakaya Participates in “7minutes,” a Monthly Pitch Event Hosted by Leap Over, an Accelerator Program

アクセラレータープログラム「LEAP OVER」主催の月例ピッチイベント「7minutes」にSSSメンバーの中屋が参加

The “7minutes” pitch event, which provides a stage for startups to connect with local government officials nationwide, was held on August 25, 2021, and from Shibuya City Office, Shibuya Startup Support (SSS) member Tsutomu Nakaya participated representing the Global Hub City Promotion Office.

社会解決型スタートアップに全国の自治体職員とのマッチングの場を提供するピッチイベント「7minutes」が2021年8月25日に開催され、渋谷区からは、Shibuya Startup Support(SSS)メンバーでもある、グローバル拠点都市推進室の中屋力(なかや つとむ)が参加しました。

7minutesは、三菱UFJリサーチ&コンサルティング株式会社のアクセラレータープログラム「LEAP OVER」と、日本のスマートシティの拡大と高度化に取り組む一般社団法人スマートシティ・インスティテュート(SCI-J)の共催により毎月実施されています。

7minutes is a monthly event co-hosted by LEAP OVER, an accelerator program by Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting, and the Smart City Institute Japan (SCI-J), an organization aiming to empower Japan’s smart cities.

At the event, four startups selected by LEAP OVER gave a 7-minute pitch presentation followed by a Q&A session. Then the panelists representing the local government offices will show a plaque saying, “Nice!” or “Let’s Connect!”

イベントでは、LEAP OVERが選抜したスタートアップ4社から各7分程度のピッチプレゼンがあり、質疑応答を経たのちにパネリストである自治体職員たちが「Nice!(よいプレゼンでした)」または「Let’s Connect!(具体的に話し合いましょう)」のプレートを掲げるという形式で進行します。

The officials from the following organizations gathered online to watch presentations, actively asked questions, and made comments:


Fukuoka Prefecture, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Hachimantai City, Iwate Prefecture, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Saijo City, Ehime Prefecture, Higashihiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Ota Ward, Tokyo, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Gunma Prefecture, Maebashi City, Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Osaka Industrial Bureau, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, Susono City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, and Osaka Prefecture


The following startups gave presentations this time:

・Connected Industries Inc., which promotes the utilization of the underrecognized “sick child care” system by making it more approachable through IT (pitch)

・SWAT Mobility Japan, which uses advanced routing algorithms to provide on-demand and efficient transportation services (pitch)

・CUICIN Corporation, which promotes digital transformations in lodging facilities by innovating inefficient paper-based processes such as check-in procedures with IT (pitch)

・Aki Katsu (Abandoned House Utilization), a company that builds a database of vacant houses in the private sector and promotes effective use in cooperation with local governments (pitch)


Throughout the event, there were times when the pitch struck a chord with the panelists who regularly faced specific local challenges, and many offered the presenter to connect them to local businesses and communities. This kind of matching event leads not only to concrete business conversations but has the potential to generate new ideas and unearth opportunities through dialogue, which is why Shibuya City Office is actively participating in this event.


Monthly Pitch “7minutes” – Goho-Yoshi” (five fronts beneficial) Startups Create a Sustainable Japan! – (2nd session) August 25, 2021)

Speakers (in order of appearance):

・Masaki Sonoda, President, Connected Industries, Inc.

・Masashi Suehiro, President, SWAT Mobility Japan

・Mayumi Yamada, COO, CUICIN Corporation

・Takamitsu Wada, CEO, Aki Katsu (Abandoned House Utilization)


The archived video of the event can be viewed on YouTube by clicking on the “pitch” links above.

・ITによる利便性の向上によって認知が十分でない「病児保育」制度の利活用を促進する「Connected Industries株式会社」(ピッチ
・先進的なルーティング(最適経路検出)アルゴリズムを活用し、オンデマンドかつ効率的な移動サービスを提供する「SWAT Mobility Japan」(ピッチ



Monthly Pitch「7minutes」~五方よしスタートアップが持続可能な日本をつくる!~(第2回)(2021年8月25日)


Connected Industries株式会社 代表取締役 園田正樹氏
SWAT Mobility Japan 代表取締役 末廣将志氏
CUICIN株式会社 COO 山田真由美氏
空き家活用株式会社 代表取締役CEO 和田貴充氏


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