Startup Visa Holder Wei Chai, a FoodTech Startup Founder, Launches “Mona Menu,” an App That Redefines Mobile Food Ordering

mona menu app

The COVID-19 pandemic made contact-less mobile food ordering a commonplace in our lives. Now, there are so many delivery services featuring hundreds of restaurants and thousands of menus. It’s no wonder that we sometimes find it challenging to decide which dish to go with and end up ordering the same thing again and again.

On the other hand, fresh food pics constantly come across Instagram’s timeline, and you find some of your friend’s posts so tempting and wish there were an “order now” button, but you are not sure it’s even available for mobile orders.

Enter a brand new “Mona Menu” app released this March, which is essentially a mobile food ordering app with a social twist, with some marketing affiliation bonus. It’s from a FoodTech startup “Mona,” founded by Wei Chai. He was one of the founders selected for the Shibuya Startup Support program in 2021. In fact, he is one of the first receivers of the Shibuya Startup Visa. You can read his back story here.

Establishing his company smoothly with the help of the Shibuya Welcome Support, including legal support, let him focus on brushing up on his app and the business model. It led to the successful launch of the company’s flagship product, “Mona Menu,” whose unique features include:
● Each dish has recommendations associated — authentic voices from other users
● Check out popular dishes at the moment with “Live Order View”
● You can also check out your friend’s favorites
● You can become a certified repeat customer of your favorite restaurant to show off your support
● Get paid for your recommendation every time other users complete an order through it (The first affiliate solution for gourmet content)

The app is sleek and available for free. Give it a try.

Mona Menu (App Store download)