Shibuya Startup Support is an initiative by Tokyo Shibuya City Office to support global founders and startups to start and grow their businesses.

  • Startup Visa

    • Before applying for a startup visa
  • Can I apply for a start-up visa even if my company is already registered in Japan?
    Unfortunately, you cannot apply for a Start-up Visa if you have already registered your company in Japan.
  • Can I apply for a Startup Visa even if my company already exists outside of Japan?
    Yes, the Startup Visa is still applicable as long as the applicant is the founder of the company, and will register it in Japan.
  • Do I need to have a housing rental contract when applying for the startup visa?
    No, you don’t need to make a contract with a real estate agent at the application stage. We can also assist you with finding housing if you wish.
  • Can I apply for a Startup Visa from abroad?
  • There are several municipalities providing Startup Visa programs in Japan. What is unique about Shibuya’s Startup Visa?
    Shibuya’s program includes Shibuya Startup Support, to help you both launch your business and with getting settled in Japan. We also have a PR team and a Community team, which provide support in promoting your company and consumer testing, respectively.
  • What is the minimum investment in my company required to apply for a Startup Visa?
    For a Startup Visa you are only required to have enough to make your business plan feasible. Looking to the future, switching from a Startup Visa to a Business Manager Visa requires a minimum of 5M yen capital.
  • Which language do I need to apply for a Startup Visa? Do I need to speak Japanese?
    The program is conducted in English.
  • What do I need to prepare to apply for a Startup Visa?
  • How can I qualify for Shibuya’s Startup Visa program?