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  • 2023年2月15日開催「Fintech Night」

Event Report: Fintech Night

2023年2月15日開催「Fintech Night」

Fintech Night, a meetup event for tech startups and investors who are shaping the future of the financial industry, was held on February 15, 2023. Brain Yun, co-founder and CEO of Woodstock, and Maurizio Raffone, CFO of Credify, took the stage, with Haruka Moritaka of Strive moderating. They discussed the opportunities and challenges of conducting Fintech business in Japan.

2023年2月15日にフィンテック業界において金融の未来を切り開くスタートアップや投資家のためのミートアップイベント「Fintech Night」が開催されました。本イベントでは、「Woodstock」の共同創立者兼CEOのBrain Yun氏、「Credify」のCFOのMaurizio Raffone氏、モデレーターとして「STRIVE」のHaruka Takamori氏が登壇し、日本でフィンテックのビジネスを行う上でのチャンスと課題についてディスカッションとプレゼンテーションが行われました。

The panel discussed the impact of inflation on the Fintech industry in Japan, future predictions for the Fintech industry in 2023, and the differences in the Fintech market and startup environment between Japan and other countries. Brian stated that “Inflation will help push personal finance and investment verticals. For personal finance, as people become more cost-sensitive, they will seek to finance themselves and save smarter.As for investments, people are forced to think harder about growing their assets over time to beat inflation.” Maurizio added, “Inflation is required to push people to spend as well as invest in yield-generating assets.


At the networking session after the panel, Brian explained the purpose of the event and shared his thoughts: “The goal of the event was to discuss the tailwinds and headwinds of running Fintech businesses in Japan. Regarding the future of the Fintech scene here, I believe there are opportunities for Fintech due to inflation, government support for the startup ecosystem, and big exits like Paidy.”




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