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  • S-Startupsインタビュー:ノバルス株式会社、岡部顕宏氏

Interview with S-Startups: Akihiko Okabe of Novars


In this article we sit down with Akihiko Okabe, the CEO of Novars. Novars is one of the companies selected to join S-Startups, the startup certification program run by Shibuya Startup Deck to support startups through industry-government collaboration.

Novars manufactures an internet-connected smart battery, which then allows them to provide a variety of services such as monitoring the life rhythm and safety of elderly people based on data from home appliances such as TVs and air conditioners and monitoring business facilities. 


The company strives to create a flourishing society by maximizing connections between objects, people, and the environment. We interviewed Akihiko about his path starting his own business, current business development, and future vision.

今回は、渋谷区と民間企業の産官連携でスタートアップをサポートするコンソーシアムShibuya Startup Deck のスタートアップ認定制度「S-Startups」にて、認定企業であるノバルス株式会社代表取締役の岡部顕宏氏にインタビューを行いました。


(Photo: Novars)


Please tell us about your journey starting Novars.


I started my career at a content service company that dealt with media and games. Later, I transitioned to a long-established manufacturing company where I launched several businesses that combined devices and services, eventually leading me to become an entrepreneur.




Could you provide more details about what your company does?


Novars is developing Lifetech services and facility monitoring services based on MaBeee, a connected battery that integrates wireless functions such as power, sensors, and LTE-M communication.


In our Lifetech Service we are developing a lifestyle monitoring service for the elderly that uses data to detect signs of diseases such as dementia. In the facility monitoring service, we provide remote monitoring services for natural disasters such as flooding, landslides, and heavy snowfall, as well as remote monitoring services for electrical facilities.


Why did you start this business?


When launching a service that involves combining devices, specific expertise is required, such as device design and development, parts procurement and manufacturing — which differs from software services. 


Through MaBeee we initially aimed to create the device. Due to its range of application, this has enabled lots of companies to come up with new services using the device.








“MaBeee” from Novars (Photo: Novars)


Are there any specific strategies you’re employing for international business expansion?


Since batteries follow a global standard, we want to expand services that meet the needs of different countries as well as the various services currently being developed in Japan.






What led you to apply for S-Startups?


We applied for it because we wanted our services to take root in Shibuya. Shibuya is an extremely cosmopolitan area, and we want to expand our services throughout Japan and abroad.



What are your next steps?


In our lifetech service we plan to add data collection and analyzation from our alliance partners’ products as well as our own, to further our coverage by detecting the signs of dementia and other diseases. 


In our facility monitoring service, we plan to add more adaptable sensors to detect a wider range of irregularities.


Could you share a message for other startups?


We have been selected for several support programs in the past, but S-Startups provides genuine support. In our case we have a strong desire to have our business take root in Shibuya. The power, tenacity, and seriousness with which the Shibuya City government involves people is significantly more than that of a private company.













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