Launch of Shibuya Startups KK

Shibuya City, Tokyu Corporation, Tokyu Land Corporation, and GMO Internet Group announced the establishment of Shibuya Startups KK in late February 2023. 

Shibuya City is home to one of the largest startup communities in Japan, with over 2,000 startups in various stages. This figure, while impressive, makes us all the more aware of Japan’s startup problem: while succeeding domestically, there is a lack of internationally successful startups being born here. Shibuya City, perhaps more than anywhere else in the country, knows that it is necessary to create an environment in which the public and private sectors work together to solve these problems, following the lead of other advanced local governments worldwide. As a result, we’ve launched a joint venture with Tokyu, Tokyu Land, and GMO Internet Group.

The New Company

Shibuya Startups will provide training programs, consulting services, and other business-related support for startups. Shiho Watabe steps into the role of President and Representative Director, bringing both her depth of experience advising startups domestically and internationally, as well as her network of entrepreneurs and companies around the globe. 

Shibuya City is committed to support the growth of startups and generate innovation, having already launched several projects such as “Innovation for New Normal from Shibuya”. Shibuya Startups will continue developing Shibuya as the center of startups in Japan, introducing even more initiatives with the backing and know-how of Tokyu, Tokyu Land, and GMO Internet Group.

Shiho Watanabe, President and Representative Director of Shibuya Startups KK
Photo: Shibuya City

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