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  • 渋谷区が、スタートアップエコシステムのさらなる発展のためにコンソーシアムを設立
  • 2020.12.24

Shibuya City Establishes Consortium to Further Develop Startup Ecosystem


The purpose of Shibuya Startup Support is to provide concierge-like support to domestic and foreign startups so that they can grow and implement their innovations in society here in Shibuya. In particular, we focus on making the process of establishing a business base for overseas startups as smooth as possible from within the Shibuya City office through our “Startup Welcome Service.”

私たちShibuya Startup Supportの目的は、この渋谷で成長しながらイノベーションを社会実装できるように、国内外のスタートアップ企業をコンシェルジュ的にサポートすることです。とくに、海外スタートアップの事業拠点設立のプロセスを、行政側の立場から「Startup Welcome Service(英語)」を通じて可能な限りスムーズにすることに力を入れています。

On the other hand, for established startups to make a further leap forward, they need support that transcends regional boundaries, interaction with a wide range of communities, and mentorship from a higher perspective through collaboration between industry, government, and academia. A consortium, in which players from various backgrounds work together to realize their goals, is well suited for such cross-border initiatives.

Therefore, on November 12, 2020, Shibuya City established the “Shibuya Consortium – Shibuya Startup Deck” as an industry-government-academia collaborative organization to further develop the startup ecosystem in Shibuya City.

Its objectives are to “create a community with mutual aid,” “create a startup-friendly environment,” “help social implementation of new services and technologies,” and “globalization.”

Kan Suzuki, a former bureaucrat of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) and a university professor who has mentored numerous talents in the business world and governmental organizations, will serve as chairman, and Ken Hasebe, the mayor of Shibuya City, will serve as vice-chairman.

Ken Hasebe, the mayor of Shibuya City, commented:

“We have finally reached the stage where a startup consortium is taking shape and moving forward here in Shibuya. The name of this consortium has been decided as “Shibuya Startup Deck.” “Deck” is a word associated with skateboarding, as is typical of Shibuya, and I hope that as the name spreads, people will call it “Shibuya Deck” with affection. I hope that the startups born from this consortium will play an active role in creating innovations to solve the problems under the Corona crisis while also cooperating with the government to shape our city.”

About the innovations under the Corona crisis mentioned in the mayor’s comment, I covered it in the recent TOPICS article “12 companies selected for Shibuya Ward Public-Private Collaboration Open Innovation Project.” About 100 companies, organizations, universities, and research institutes have applied for the project (of which about 10 are from overseas companies), currently under development to make a difference as they become ready.

We’re excited that the variety of initiatives, including this one, will mutually connect and bear fruit.

そこで渋谷区は2020年11月12日、渋谷区内におけるスタートアップエコシステムの更なる発展のため、産官学連携の組織として「渋谷コンソーシアム~Shibuya Startup Deck(シブデック) ~」を設立しました。




「いよいよこの渋谷でスタートアップのコンソーシアムが具体化し動き出す段階まで来ました。 今回のコンソーシアムは『Shibuya Startup Deck』という名前に決まりました。 “デック”というのは、渋谷らしくスケートボードにちなんだ言葉であり、世に浸透していく中で親しみをこめて『シブデック』と呼ばれたらいいなと思っています。 このコンソーシアムから生まれたスタートアップがどんどん活躍して、まずはコロナ禍の世の中における課題などの解決に向けて新しいイノベーションを起こしながら、行政も協力して新しい街づくりを進めていければと思います」

コロナ禍の世の中における新しいイノベーションについては先日のTOPICS記事『渋谷区官民連携オープンイノベーションプロジェクトに12社が採択』にもあるように現在、約100の企業・団体・大学・研究機関から応募(そのうち海外企業が約10)があり、随時実現化しています。 これから、さまざまな取り組みが互いにつながり、実を結んでいきそうです。

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