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  • 渋谷区と東大IPCが協定を締結
  • 2023.09.29

Shibuya City and UTokyo IPC Sign Agreement


On July 18 2023, Shibuya City and UTokyo Innovation Platform (UTokyo IPC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the University of Tokyo, signed a partnership agreement to support startups.

Shibuya City and UTokyo IPC will combine their respective unique networks, being the startup ecosystem in Shibuya and the universities and research institutions with which UTokyo IPC works, respectively.




Photo: From UTokyo IPC's website

写真:東大IPC HPより


Shibuya City runs a startup support project aimed at enhancing the diverse Shibuya startup ecosystem. Through industry-academia-government-private sector collaboration, Shibuya City is developing a system that makes it easier for the younger generation to take on the challenges of starting a business by promoting cooperation and providing a place for entrepreneurs solving social issues with cutting-edge technology.


UTokyo IPC was founded to build a sustainable innovation ecosystem around the University of Tokyo and become a global hub for venture launches. It mainly invests in startups that utilize the powerful research and human resources of the University of Tokyo.


Collaboration Areas:

1) the evolution of Shibuya’s startup ecosystem

2) strengthening UTokyo IPC’s network of universities and research institutions

3) supporting the growth of startups within Shibuya City

4) developing Shibuya into a world-class innovation city











Shibuya City will partner with UTokyo IPC to combine both networks to promote the development of Shibuya’s startup ecosystem through providing support for startups.


If you are interested in Shibuya’s startup ecosystem and startup visas, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and follow us on social media to keep up-to-date on upcoming events!


More information on Shibuya Startup Visa program: https://shibuya-startup-support.jp/sws/

Shibuya Startup Support’s social media account:








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