Shibuya Startup Support partnering with Stripe

Shibuya Startup Support is partnering with Stripe, the financial infrastructure platform, to attract and support both local and foreign startups and accelerate the startup ecosystem in Japan.

Shibuya Startup Support not only nurtures domestic startups, but also works to attract overseas startups by providing assistance with startup visa programs, company registration, and networking. This makes Stripe a perfect match, since the service has not only developed products that meet the high needs of startups and grown with them, but have also focused on startup support since its inception.

Through this partnership, Stripe will be part of Shibuya Startup Support and provide concierge services for startups which include mentoring, technical training, and consultation with engineers, plus special pricing on Stripe products. These include its core payments product and Stripe Connect, which makes managing payments easier for marketplaces and their users.

The Japanese government views startups as key to the country’s economic growth. It recently appointed a cabinet-level minister dedicated to startups, and in 2021 startups in Japan received $7.1 billion in funding—a record sum.

“Shibuya is not only a center of culture, it is also a center of technology. We look forward to learning from Stripe’s strong heritage as a startup leader to build a bridge from Shibuya to Silicon Valley and beyond,” said Ken Hasebe, mayor of Shibuya Ward.

Left: Ken Hasebe, Shibuya Ward Mayor, Right: Daisuke Aranami, country lead for Stripe Japan

“Shibuya is an incredible location with a vibrant startup scene. This collaboration between Shibuya and Stripe is a strong endorsement that society and global tech leaders see startups playing a key part in Japan’s future,” said Patrick McKenzie, a serial entrepreneur who founded a company in Shibuya and now works at Stripe.

“Stripe is committed to working with the Shibuya City Office to revitalize the startup ecosystem in Japan. Together, we can support the Japanese government’s plans to digitally transform the economy,” said Daisuke Aranami, country lead for Stripe Japan.


In addition to offering special pricing on Stripe products, Stripe will provide the following support:

Business Support
・Mentoring by Stripe employees
・Business development support through an accelerator program to nurture startups
・Programs for startup founders
・Support for business growth and global expansion
Technical Support
・Technical training and workshops
・Consultation with Stripe engineers

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