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  • Shibuya Startup Supportの新拠点「SHIBUYA BRIDGE」

Shibuya Startup Support's New Home: Shibuya Bridge

Shibuya Startup Supportの新拠点「SHIBUYA BRIDGE」

Shibuya Startup Support (SSS) has moved! Shibuya Bridge, our new location, opened as a coworking and event space on October 2. Startups with connections to Shibuya City — such as S-Startups and startup visa holders — can use Shibuya Bridge free of charge, providing a community where entrepreneurs can relax, work, learn, and be inspired.

Shibuya Startup Supportはコミュニティの成長に伴い、拠点を「SHIBUYA BRIDGE」に移転、10月2日から利用を開始しました。S-Startups認定企業やスタートアップビザ保有者に無料オフィススペースを提供し、イベント向けの開放的な屋上スペースが特長です。




Weekly Brunch on Shibuya Bridge's Rooftop (Photo: Shibuya City)

「SHIBUYA BRIDGE」の屋上で行われるウィークリーブランチ(写真:渋谷区)

Shibuya Bridge

Shibuya Bridge is located near Shibuya Station South Exit, home to many well-known startup companies, including Google and Shibuya Stream. Shibuya Bridge consists of three floors: the first floor is an open space for socializing and activities, the second floor consists of meeting rooms and working spaces, and the rooftop terrace is used for events. 


Access to the working space is limited to members, but SSS’s Weekly Brunch every Wednesday is open to all! This casual networking event is attended by startups, venture capitalists, and investors, creating a multinational environment where English is the predominant language. Click here for details about Weekly Brunch.


SSS also hosts numerous large events. If you’re interested in connecting with overseas support organizations and startups, we regularly send event information through our email newsletter. Subscribe to the SSS email newsletter here.


Shibuya Bridge First-Floor Coworking and Networking Space (Photo: Shibuya City)

「SHIBUYA BRIDGE」1階のコワーキング&ネットワーキングスペース(写真:渋谷区)

S-Startups and Startup Visa Holders Wanted

Shibuya City provides support for startups with the goal of “producing unicorn companies active around the world.” Specifically, S-Startups and startup visa holders are entitled to benefits such as: free 24/7 access to the shared office Shibuya Bridge, coordination support for collaboration and testing in Shibuya City, business matching support with investors, and hands-on support from community managers.

Click here for more information about the S-Startups program and its benefits. 

(Be aware that application for the S-Startups program for this term has ended. We will announce the next application period in a press release and e-mail newsletter as soon as it is decided.)


Startup visas are issued throughout the year. You can apply or inquire through the SSS Contact Form here. We are looking forward to receiving applications from startups who are seeking to go global with Shibuya City!

About Shibuya Startup Support

Shibuya City invites domestic and international startup businesses to Shibuya, working together in this city for adventure and growth.


Shibuya City, with its unique diversity and dynamism, supports business startups and growth. A cultural hub that continues to lead Japan’s art, music, and fashion scenes, it is also a technology center with over 2,000 startup company offices and more than 100 coworking spaces where startups are located.


If you are interested in Shibuya’s startup ecosystem and startup visas, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and follow us on social media to keep up-to-date on upcoming events!


More information on Shibuya Startup Visa program: https://shibuya-startup-support.jp/sws/

Shibuya Startup Support’s social media accounts:







Shibuya Startup Support:https://shibuya-startup-support.jp/

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