Shibuya City Office and SK-II Signed a Collaboration Agreement To Support Female Entrepreneurs

On June 21, 2021, Shibuya City Office and P&G Prestige LLC  (referred to as  “SK-II,” its brand name) concluded a partnership agreement to support female entrepreneurs.

Under the vision of “a town where differences turn to strengths,”  the Shibuya City Office is committed to growing by diversity and inclusion, where all people work together to make it a better place, regardless of their gender, race, age, or physical conditions. In the field of business promotion and tourism, the City Office has set up a department specializing in startup support to build “a city full of business adventure.” Its initiatives include a wide range of support for female entrepreneurs, such as providing shared offices and offering community support programs.

SK-II has committed to solving various social issues faced by women worldwide under the vision of #CHANGEDESITINY.  The partnership between those like-minded organizations creates strong synergy and will be a step forward to achieve their visions and goals.

Bringing together the networks of both parties, the Shibuya City Office and SK-II aim to promote a startup ecosystem and build an environment for female entrepreneurs to tackle social issues in various fields.

■ Outline of the Agreement

  1. Name
    Cooperation Agreement on Supporting Female Entrepreneurs
  2. Basic principle
    Shibuya City Office and SK-II agree to cooperate and collaborate as follows to support female entrepreneurs.
  3. Areas of collaboration
    (1) Provision of business training programs and consulting support for female entrepreneurs.
    (2) Networking support for female entrepreneurs.
    (3) Support for female entrepreneurs using the SK-II platform.
  4. Effective period
    From June 21, 2009 to March 31, 2022
    Renewable every year thereafter.
  5. Details of specific programs
    ・ Scope
    Shibuya City Office, SK-II, and meeTalk (female entrepreneurs network) will collaborate to implement programs to support female entrepreneurs and business owners running small to medium-sized businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.
    ・ Themes
    Learn, Connect, and Communicate
    ・ Specifics
    (1) Learn: With the help from Facebook Japan and Google, workshops and individual business consultations will be provided. The topics range from building a digital platform and social commerce to outbound business development.
    (2) Connect: Help female entrepreneurs and business owners connect with various business networks and match them with appropriate role models.
    (3) Communicate: Help female entrepreneurs and business owners communicate their businesses to a broader audience worldwide. The program provides opportunities to display their unique brand experiences through SK-II’s platforms, including “SK-II City,” a virtual city inspired by the streets of Shibuya.
    ・ Period
    From late July to early September 2021.
    ・ Official website
    If you are interested in the program or would like to participate, please enter from this website.
    ・ Others
    In addition to the above-mentioned programs, there are plans to collaborate on a long-term basis to support female entrepreneurs.

■Representative Comments

・Ken Hasebe, Mayor of Shibuya City
We are pleased to announce that Shibuya City Office and SK-II will conclude a partnership agreement regarding support for female entrepreneurs. With the conclusion of this partnership agreement, we will accelerate the city’s growth as a hub of the startup ecosystem and support female entrepreneurs who face various social issues by promoting a society where diverse human resources can play an active role.

・Markus Strobel, President, P&G Global Skin & Personal Care
Having experienced the pandemic, consumers now expect more from our businesses and brands than just skincare and beauty. That means brands have a greater social responsibility to the communities they serve more than ever.
With the belief in #CHANGEDESTINY, SK-II is committed to solving the social challenges faced by women worldwide and empowering them to change their destinies.