Shibuya City’s Website Now Powered by FrenchTech “FACIL’iti” for a Better Accessibility/Usability

Shibuya City has been taking the initiative in inclusion and diversity for years, such as enacting the “Shibuya Ward Ordinance to Promote Gender Equality and a Society that Respects Diversity” in 2015. As a continuation of this effort, we believe that it is important to respect diversity, including the physical and cognitive limitations of various users, in online communication with citizens. Therefore, we decided to introduce FACIL’iti, a solution that supports accessibility and usability of websites, which is already used widely in Europe and the United States.

FACIL’iti is a solution developed by the French startup company FACIL’iti over a period of five years with a thorough user-first thinking in cooperation with various stakeholders, including associations for the disabled. On websites where this solution has been implemented, all pages are optimized for the user by setting the user’s preferences to compensate for visual, cognitive, and motor handicaps. Shibuya City hopes that this solution will make its official website open to all people.

Through the collaboration between Shibuya Startup Support and the FrenchTech community, the person in charge of this project first learned about this solution, and after much deliberation, Shibuya City decided to implement it on a full scale.

■Main features of FACIL’iti
[Visual considerations]
・By adjusting the color scheme and font size, the site can be read more easily.
・Mainly for people with presbyopia, low vision, color blindness, age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, etc.

[Motor function considerations]
・Adjusts the spacing between links and buttons as well as line spacing and character spacing to provide a highly usable site that prevents users from navigating inadvertently.
・Mainly for people with hand tremors, arthritis, Wilson’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, etc.

[Cognitive considerations]
・By coloring letters that are difficult to read or easy to confuse, and adjusting line spacing and character spacing, the site display will be easier to read and recognize.
・Mainly for people with dyslexia and photosensitive epilepsy.