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  • 渋谷区のスタートアップ支援事業をサポートする副業人材11名の採用を公表しました
  • 2021.05.06

Announcing the 11 “Side-Job Workers” Who Will Power Shibuya City Office’s Startup Support Initiative


Shibuya City Office partnered with a major recruitment service, YOUTRUST, to recruit people through the latter’s “Sugoi Fukugyo (Awesome Side Job)” project to leverage the knowledge and abilities of people currently working in the private sector in February 2021, as introduced in our TOPICS. Since then, we have received 692 applications, including some from overseas, and after a further selection period of one month, we have decided to hire 11 people. Shibuya City Office held the first-ever inauguration ceremony for the side-job recruits on April 26, 2021.


Shibuya City Office has been actively developing its startup promotion initiative in various fields, including this Shibuya Startup Support website and Startup Welcome Service for inviting and supporting overseas startups, holding events, and collaborating with domestic and overseas companies. However, it is not possible to cover all of them with only the knowledge and experience of the local government. That’s the reason why we decided to collaborate with YOUTRUST in this “Sugoi Fukugyo” project and seek immediate help from outside the Shibuya City Office. As a result, we were able to hire excellent side-job talents, including applicants from overseas.


The 11 people hired are a diverse group of people: management consultants, people with community management experience, engineers, TV shows/animation producers, people with entrepreneurial knowledge, scenario writers, translators, people with financial expertise, marketers with overseas experience, people with product development experience, and people from big tech companies. Outside their careers or titles, Shibuya City hired them based on their enthusiasm for contributing to society, such as “I want to do something good for Shibuya City” or “I want to promote the startup ecosystem and make the city a better place to start a business.” By bringing together people with passions and expertise in various fields to work on startup promotion projects, we believe that a different kind of chemistry will emerge and contribute significantly to the development of the ecosystem.

海外スタートアップ招致および支援のためのこのShibuya Startup SupportサイトやStartup Welcome Service、イベントの実施や国内外の企業との連携など、渋谷区はスタートアップ推進事業をさまざまな方面に積極的に展開していますが、それらすべてを行政の知見や経験だけでカバーすることはできません。今後事業を推進するうえで、英語が話せる人材、テクノロジーに理解がある人材、国際感覚のある人材がさらに必要になると考えたのが、今回の「すごい副業」企画でYOUTRUSTと協業し、区役所の外に即戦力を求めた理由です。結果として、海外からの応募者を含む優秀な副業人材の採用が実現しました。


Also announced at this joint inauguration ceremony between Shibuya Ward and YOUTRUST was a new collaborative project called the “SHIBUYA Growth Guild”, a human resources database exclusively for Shibuya City Office. This project aims to create a loose human network between the government and the private sector and build a human resource database and community dedicated to the Shibuya City Office, where it can ask for help at any time. It will support both Shibuya City’s startup promotion initiative and the promotion of its digital transformation.

渋谷区とYOUTRUSTが共同で実施した今回の副業人材就任式では、両者の新たな協業プロジェクトとして、渋谷区専用の人材データベース「SHIBUYA Growth Guild」の発表もおこなわれました。これは、渋谷区のスタートアップ推進事業だけでなく、行政のデジタルトランスフォーメーション推進の支援も視野に入れながら、より緩やかな行政と民間の人的ネットワークをつくり、いつでも協力を仰げる渋谷区専用の人材データベースとコミュニティを構築することを目的としています。

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