Testbed City

In June 2020, Shibuya City launched the “Innovation for New Normal from Shibuya” project. The initiative sources new technologies and ideas from startups, universities, and research institutes to solve local social issues.

2020年6月、渋谷区は、さまざまな分野の社会課題を解決するための新技術やアイデアをスタートアップ企業や大学・研究機関から継続的に募集する実証プロジェクト「Innovation for New Normal from Shibuya」を開始しました。このプロジェクトは、どなたでもご参加いただけます。


Our support network includes access to facilities such as coworking spaces within Shibuya and select locations around Tokyo.


Shibuya City Residents and City Facilities


Shibuya City also offers its local infrastructure for product and concept testing, and operates a pool of local volunteers for product testing with over 1200 residents registered.


Recent Collaborations

Childcare Robotics



One of the identified causes for Japan’s declining birthrate is lack of ready access to childcare after the parents rejoin the workforce. ChiCaRo seeks to address this with robot-assisted daycare programs. Now the whole family can participate in raising children, no matter how far apart they live. ChiCaRo’s prototype childcare robot was given fertile ground in their testing phase, with access to Shibuya City’s own employee daycare! Feedback from real parents proved invaluable for their R&D.


Congestion Control via AI x IoT


Vacan Inc

Vacan’s AirKnock service utilizes IoT technology in conjunction with AI to ensure that limited services and facilities are not overwhelmed by spreading usage over the full infrastructure.
One such use-case was demonstrated right here in the Shibuya City office, with Vacan’s Airknock preventing restroom congestion on the 1st to 4th floors.

IoTサービス「VACAN AirKnock」を導入。渋谷区役所の1〜4Fに設置し、お手洗いの混雑を抑止することで、快適な利用環境を提供します。実証実験事業「Innovation for New Normal from Shibuya」を通じて実証実験を実施した中から渋谷区への本格導入となった初めての事例となります。


In 2022 over 70 companies participated in various Testbed City programs. Shibuya City plans is committed to expanding our collaborators further in 2023!


Application Outline

Who is eligible to apply?

Businesses, mainly startups, and universities and other research institutions that aim to solve social issues through technology and services.

Application Theme

We are looking for new technologies and solutions to solve social issues. Any genre is welcome. The following is a list of topics in high demand within the Shibuya Ward Office. Please consider these as well. We look forward to hearing from you.

Traffic Policy Division
  • Services that contribute to improved accessibility to the Shibuya Station area, etc.
    (ex. services that allow easier access from Shibuya to Sasazuka, Hatagaya, Hatsudai, Shibuya to Ebisu, Hiroo, Roppongi, etc.)
  • Services to promote safe and comfortable bicycle use
    (ex. services to reduce the number of abandoned bicycles and promote the use of bicycle parking lots, etc.)
  • Services that help promote the use of public transportation such as buses and cabs
    (ex. services to promote the use of buses and cabs by those who do not use them, provision of apps to track their use, etc.)
  • Services that help promote the use of shared bicycles
    (ex.Services to promote the use of shared bicycles by people who have never heard of or used shared bicycles, etc.)
Elderly Welfare Division
  • Services that enable the elderly to improve their health and ensure their safety and security through the use of smartphones.
  • Services that make elderly people who do not often use smartphones want to use them every day
Environmental Policy Division
  • Establishment and operation of a system whereby residents and businesses in a neighborhood can instantly and effectively utilize renewable energy stored in storage batteries, etc.
  • Technologies and solutions for realizing a decarbonized society centered on renewable energy
  • Wildlife habitat surveys and survey methods to conserve biodiversity
Environmental Improvement Division
  • Various measures to prevent graffiti from being painted on the streets
  • Creation of a visual indicator of the effect on people's feelings when graffiti is erased.
  • Technology to prevent crimes by monitoring the online communication of individuals and groups who plan to paint graffiti.
Safety Division
Special fraud countermeasures (*1)
  • Various measures to prevent damage from special fraud
  • Measures to promote the use of “automatic call recorder(*2),” which is proven to be highly effective in preventing victims of special frauds, among elderly persons aged 65 and over (living in wards).
  • Effective damage prevention services against special fraud (refund fraud) in which criminals call ward residents on their landlines, tell them false information such as “I have a refund for medical expenses,” lure them to ATMs, and then make them perform fraudulent money transfer procedures.
Support for Adopted Companies
  • Coordination with Shibuya Ward departments in charge of service development and cooperation in implementation of demonstration experiments
  • Support for collaboration with partners and early implementation of successful models through the Shibuya Ward network
  • Mentoring by Venture Capital and other investors
  • Mentoring by Venture Capital and other investors ・Resources and financial support from sponsors (planned)
How to apply and what to enter

Please use the entry form below to register as a user and submit your entry.

〈Required Fields〉
  • Corporate Name
  • Address
  • name
  • e-mail addresse
  • telephone number
  • Project name
  • Project Summary
    What is the purpose of the proposed demonstration experiment (500 words or less)? Please list current issues and needs, and describe how this project will contribute to them. If you would like to provide an explanation in the attached materials instead of in writing, please indicate "see attached materials" and attach the attached materials in the section below (section on reference materials to supplement your proposal).
  • Desired start date
  • Stage of development
    At what stage of development is the service or product to be used in the demonstration experiment?
  • Requests to the district
    What kind of cooperation do you expect from the district in conducting the demonstration experiment (350 words or less)?
  • Uniqueness and superiority
    Please tell us about the uniqueness and superiority of this project (350 characters or less). If there are similar products (services), please describe the uniqueness and superiority of this project.
  • Outcome Indicators
    Please describe the outcome indicators of the demonstration experiment (350 characters or less). Please describe what kind of results can be expected from the demonstration experiment, using outcome indicators, etc.
〈Optional items〉
  • Home Page
  • Department
  • Position

Please attach any reference materials (up to 20 MB) to supplement your proposal, such as a description of your business or services.
Upload any reference videos to supplement the proposal, including business and service details (maximum 500MB).

Screening Criteria/Project Initiation
  • The screening will be based on the items listed in the “Application Details” section.
  • After the application is selected, the demonstration experiment can be started at any time.
  • Please make sure that the content is not offensive to public order and morals.
  • All costs associated with the application process must be borne by the applicant.
  • In principle, intellectual property rights such as patent rights belong to the applicant. Applicants are responsible for taking all necessary procedures to protect their rights upon entry, and Shibuya City will assume no responsibility whatsoever.
  • The outline of the adopted plan may be made available to the general public.
  • Please note that if an application is found to be in violation of the application conditions or precautions, the selection of the applicant may be revoked.




  • 渋谷駅周辺等へのアクセシビリティの向上に資するサービス
  • 自転車の安全・快適な利用を促進するサービス
  • バス、タクシー等の公共交通機関の利用促進に資するサービス
  • シェアサイクルの利用促進に資するサービス
  • 高齢者がスマートフォンを活用することにより、健康増進や安全安心の確保が図れるサービス
  • スマートフォンをあまり利用しない高齢者が毎日使いたくなるようなサービス
  • 蓄電池などで溜めた再生可能エネルギーを、近隣の住民や事業者が瞬時に有効活用しあう仕組みの構築とその運用
  • 再生可能エネルギーを核とした脱炭素社会の実現に向けた技術や解決方法
  • 生物多様性の保全に向けた野生生物の生息調査や、その調査方法
  • まちに落書きが描かれることを防止するための様々な方策
  • 落書きを消去した場合に、ひとびとの気持ちに与える効果を、視覚的にとらえられる指標づくり
  • 落書きを企図する個人やグループのネット上のやり取りを監視し、犯罪を未然に防ぐ技術
  • 特殊詐欺の被害を防止するための様々な方策
  • 特殊詐欺被害の防止に高い効果が認められる『自動通話録音機(※2) 』を65歳以上の高齢者(区内在住)に普及させる方策
  • 犯人が区民の固定電話に架電し、「医療費の還付金がある」等と虚偽の事実を伝え、同人をATMへ誘い出した上で、不正な振り込み手続きを行わせる特殊詐欺(還付金詐欺)に対し、有効な被害防止サービス


  • 渋谷区担当部署とのサービス開発に向けた調整
  • 実証実験の実施協力
  • 渋谷区ネットワークによるパートナーとの協業支援
  • 成功モデルについての早期実装サポート
  • Venture Capital等の投資家によるメンタリング
  • 協賛企業からのリソース


  • 法人名
  • 住所
  • 応募者の氏名
  • 応募者のメールアドレス
  • 応募者の電話番号
  • プロジェクト名
  • プロジェクト要旨
  • 希望開始日
  • 開発段階
  • 区への要望事項
  • 独自性・優位性
  • 成果指標
  • ホームページ
  • 応募者の部署名
  • 応募者の役職


  • 「応募内容」に記載の項目を総合的に審査します。
  • 採択後、随時実証実験を開始いただけます。
  • 公序良俗に反しない内容としてください。
  • 応募にかかる費用は応募者がご負担ください。
  • 原則として特許権等の知的所有権は応募者に帰属します。エントリーにあたっては応募者自身の責任において必要な権利保護等の手続きを行うこととし、渋谷区は一切の責任を負わないこととします。
  • 採用されたプラン概要は一般公開されることがあります。
  • 応募条件、注意事項に反する応募であることが判明した場合は、採択を取り消す場合がありますのでご留意ください。

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